A healthier life starts in your mind.

Have you come across a meditation guru telling you miracles you can do with your mind? Yes? No?

Your mind is a powerful tool, no doubt. And just like everything else, even with your health, your mindset really does matter. In fact, your health journey will most likely begin in your mind. 

This is what it looks like: 

So, the real question should be: How do we develop a healthy mindset?

It can be overwhelming sometimes, and make you feel clueless or helpless, with questions like “but, where do I start?”

A change in your mindset is itself shows that you’re willing to change your life for the better and for the benefits of the longer term. 

Your body wants to be healthy. It is only after a change in your mindset that change in your behaviour will occur.

If we continue to prioritise everything else above our health, it will begin to take a toll on the quality of our day to day life because we will operate being sluggish, sick and moody.

I’m going to tell you that living a healthy lifestyle is not impossible, no matter how busy you claim to be.

Just simple mindset shifts will make you think differently from the usual scams you’re often barraged with, which are a complete waste of time. Here are some mindset shift examples that could encourage you to choose better for yourself;

Create a “Why” in your head.

Nothing can beat a strong why in your head. Trust me, a strong why creates just the right amount of determination it takes to make any change.

Sit down and think hard about your ultimate goal with your health and understand and acknowledge your own why.

Once you acknowledge your why, it’s time to bring it to action. Act accordingly. Learn about things that align with your why and things that don’t. Engage yourself with things that benefit and add meaning to your why.

Photo by Ben Whiteon Unsplash

When I went vegan, my why was “do I choose to be part of the suffering and torture these animals have to go through? Just for the satisfaction of my taste buds?” The answer always remained no. No food or product was more important to me that the life of a living being. My why remains so strong in my head that no one can make me change my mind. And my strong why also motivates me to say “no” even in situations I would not have been able to.

It’s just a matter of time and you’ll develop a sense of love for your beliefs and be proud of them. Choose the right why and work on it endlessly.

This tactic works not only to develop a healthy lifestyle but also in other aspects of your life like career, relationships etc.

Learn to have patience. Practice patience.

It’s simple. Just like everything else, developing a healthier lifestyle is a process, it’s not an overnight change. Learn how to be patient with yourself, your body and your mind. Know that it will take time but will be rewarding in the longer term.

Always remember in your mind that it a process. This will allow you to give yourself time to heal and to develop a new habit. Meditation and yoga are great ways to develop patience and can help keep your mind calm.

Photo by Simon Migajon Unsplash

Love your daily movement/exercise. 

Don’t exercise or workout because you have to do it, look at it as something that you love doing, think of how it changes your mood, brings movement into your day to day life and keeps you active and productive.

Exercise secretes endorphins and endorphins make you really happy. Have a positive attitude towards movement, make it fun and exciting or just something that fits with your style. Don’t do cardio or pilates just because its the new trend on social media. Do what you love, or try out something completely new.

Most importantly, be grateful that you’re to move today :)

My body is strong and incredible, no matter what.

Let’s face it, with TikTok and Instagram raving on and on about modals who are skinny or have that poppin’ booty, we’ve all struggled with our body image at some point. At least, I have. 

Whether it’s not been thin enough, or not having enough gains, or not having a bigger butt, or not being tall enough, we’ve all been down the self-judgement spiral. When you start comparing yourself with other people you barely know, you begin to hate yourself, for not being them.

These thoughts manifest a bunch of negative thoughts in your mind. Think about this, your body is the only place you’ll live in forever. Pause for 2 mins, and think about it. Be kind to yourself and to your body.

Photo by Brooke Cagleon Unsplash

Your body might not be flexible enough to do a yoga asana, but it might be strong enough to do a 10kg deadlift. Appreciate it, no matter what.

Manifest positive and joyful thoughts in your mind, they will definitely cultivate into a change in your behaviour.

Accept change and let go what you can’t control.

The biggest gift you can give your mind is peace. Your mind will be able to make clearer and wiser choices if it is at peace. Nobody likes change and it can often be overwhelming, and some changes are good while others aren’t. 

Simply accept what comes your way with a calm mind and a kind heart. Simply accept. If it’s too hard, go into an empty room, sit on the floor upright and lay your palms facing outward on your legs and say to yourself: “I am strong enough to cope with change, and I will humbly welcome it into my life, I accept everything life has in store for me, and I will try to make the best out of this situation”.

What’s the point of stressing over what you can’t control? That’s right, there is no point. Despite that, all of us stress over things we can’t control. This only gives us more anxiety and stress, which in turn affects our health. Just let go, of what’s not on your hand. Just let it go.

Photo by Helena Lopeson Unsplash

That’s about it from me, folks. Spread love and kindness. 

With light, 


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